Digital forms you can create for conservation and biodiversity management

May 20th 2020

Risk Assessments & Incident Reports

To meet health and safety obligations, a lot businesses need to record details of on-site risk assessments and report on incidents. To make this process easier, consider using online forms to quickly fill out checklists or record data on-site. With an app like Locale Central, you can make your own custom checklists or fields to suit your own health and safety plan, or use our own pre-configured checklist.

If you would like to record risk assessments and incident reports, try our Health & Safety template.

Trap Line Records

Do you monitor trap lines for pest control? Recording data about traps on-site can be a hassle, using a digital form can speed up collecting data on-site, ready to use or export from the cloud. With an app like Locale Central, you can quickly record and update details about traps, and edit the form fields to meet your trapping needs.

If you’re interested in recording trap data, try our Trapper template.

Plant Site Forms

If you monitor and record the progression of pest plants, a digital form for recording and updating plant sites can help streamline your monitoring workflow. With Locale Central, you can quickly search a list of pre-configured plant species on your mobile phone, as well as edit the list available to suit your own needs.

If you’re interested in monitoring pest plants, try our Plant Monitor template.

Animal Sightings

Does your team record animal signs and sightings in your local area? An app like Locale Central can record details of animal sightings including the animal observed, where it was observed, and signs of the observed animal.

If you’re interested in recording animal sightings, try our Wildlife Observer template.

Bird Checklists

Bird checklists, also known as bird call counts, are an important aspect for understanding and monitoring the process of bird population recovery. With Locale Central, you can record details of bird checklists including the identified birds, comments, when and where the checklist was conducted.

If you’re interested in recording bird checklists, try our bird monitoring template.

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