Digital forms you can create for nonprofits

May 20th 2020

Volunteer application forms

For some nonprofits, volunteers form the core group that gets work done to achieve the mission statement and shared vision. To simplify the process of getting new volunteers, consider setting up an online volunteer application form with an app like Google Forms.

Event registration forms

Simplify event registration with an online event registration form. The simplest way to create an event registration form is with Google Forms, but there are other platforms for managing events such as Facebook Events or Meetup that are better for engaging with the community before, during, and after the event.

Donation forms

Most nonprofits accept donations from their community, an online donation form can make this process streamlined.

The simplest option is to just have a paypal link, but you may want to collect more information than paypal asks for to meet with compliance.

Another option is using Shopify to create a set of “donation products”, which allows you more control over the information you select, as well as the option to sell products such as merchandise, naming rights, etc to help with your nonprofit’s funding.

One other option is using Google Forms in conjunction with PayPal and Zapier. How this would work is you create a Google Form asking any information you need to collect, then after they submit the form Zapier automatically emails or texts them a custom donation link for them to securely pay with PayPal. You could also set up different payment processors, such as Stripe or Square.

Risk assessments & incident reports

To meet health and safety requirements, a lot of nonprofits need to perform regular risk assessments and report incidents. 

Risk assessments record details of on-site risk assessments including routine health & safety checks, identified hazards, and team members.

Incident reports record details of incident reports including who was injured, the severity of the injury, and corrective action taken.

If you need to capture risk assessments and incident reports, consider using Locale Central. You can get started for free with our Health & Safety Manager template.

Grant applications

Some nonprofits operate as a trust, giving funding to other nonprofit organisations. To handle these grant applications, you could create a digital form that collects all the information you need to approve or reject a grant application.

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