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Property Management
May 20th 2020

Inspection Records

With inspection records, you can fill out important information during inspections such as details of the inspection, identified issues, photos of the property, and other useful data all kept in one place.

If you’re looking for an effective way to make inspection records, give our property manager template a try.

Tenant Application Forms

Collecting tenant applications online instead of by paper can help streamline the process of getting new tenants for a property. When creating a tenant application form, consider using Google Forms to quickly set up a good online online form. With Zapier, you can also set up automations triggered by a submission from your Google Forms, such as sending an email to the applicant, updating a database, or creating a Google Calendar event.

Lead Forms

New leads equals new business to grow revenue. To get new leads, use a lead form or contact form on your website. Most website platform options like SquareSpace, WordPress and Shopify provide built in contact forms you can quickly set up for your business. 

If you don’t have a website, SquareSpace is the best option for creating a good looking website yourself, otherwise going with a web design agency is the best option if it’s within your budget.

If you don’t have or want a website, you can also capture leads directly with Google Forms, which will give you a link you can share to potential leads.

Property Records

Record details of managed properties including tenants contact details, it’s status, and reference photos of the property. To manage this form, you can use Locale Central’s property manager template.

Another option is recording property data in an all-in-one workspace like Notion, which is great for creating a shared knowledge base your whole team uses.

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