Paperless alternatives to common business processes

May 20th 2020

In the pursuit of a paperless office, businesses have to think about how they currently use paper in their business processes and identify paperless alternatives that leverage cloud applications. To help businesses go paperless, we have compiled our guide on paperless alternatives to some of the common processes in businesses.

1. Business accounting

From payroll to invoicing and everything in between, a lot of paper is used in traditional accounting. By using accounting software like Xero, you can use the app to handle your accounting tasks such as:

  • Sending and receiving invoices
  • Managing your assets
  • Doing payroll
  • Generating purchase orders
  • Paying bills
  • Sending quotes
  • Completing tax returns

Take a look at Xero to see if it’s the right fit for you, other options are QuickBooks and MYOB.

2. Document signing

Businesses struggle to break away from the old process of printing, signing, scanning, and then sending back any documents that need their signature. Instead of using your written signature, consider instead using an eSignature app like Preview or HelloSign. An eSignature app can handle signing legally binding documents for you all on the cloud, as well as creating legally binding documents for other parties to sign online.

3. Expense tracking

Monitoring and managing your expenses can be a challenge for business, often resulting in a drawer full of poorly-managed business receipts. In an effort to go paperless, consider using an expense tracking app to save you both time and money. Xero, which we have already covered, can handle expense tracking, but there are also dedicated expense tracking apps like Concur and Expensify. Expensify now even offers their own card, which can be used to automatically track your expenses you use through the card, as well as set smart limits for your employees.

4. Time logging

How do you track your employees' time? The easiest way to log time is with an online time-logging app like Clockify or Toggl. Time tracking apps simplify the process of logging time for your team, as well as provide easy access to reporting so you can understand the status of projects and where the time of your employees is going.

5. Submitting forms

Replace your paper forms and checklists with a digital version of them using a data collection app like Locale Central. With Locale Central, you can convert your paper forms and checklists into digital forms, which can then be completed securely through the mobile app or online through the web app. A data collection app saves you time, improves the accuracy of your data, and keeps all your records securely in one central place.

6. Instruction manuals

How do you share knowledge across your team? Consider looking at an app like Notion to be your knowledge base. Notion allows you to organise and share your knowledge base with your team, providing an easy reference to any information. Another advantage of a shared knowledge base is that it’s easy to update your documentation as your business changes, quickly and efficiently keeping your team in the loop with the latest business processes.

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