What is the best file storage app for small businesses?

May 20th 2020

In the effort to go paperless, or even just adopt the latest technology, small businesses are starting to look towards what data they can store on the cloud. In response to that, hundreds of file storage apps have been made by organisations large and small to securely store your documents on the cloud, but what is the best file storage app for small businesses?

Microsoft OneDrive comes out on top as the best file storage app for small businesses. If you buy a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you get 1TB of storage space, making it great for teams that need the full suite of apps. Microsoft OneDrive also offers a lot of great features, such as password-protected sharing links, fast syncing speeds, and two factor authentication, making it the best all-round solution for storing documents on the cloud.

Why should you use a file storage app?

1. Ease of access

By using a file storage app, you can securely access your documents anywhere, increasing productivity and simplifying document retrieval. Searching for documents is also easier, as file storage apps can quickly search the contents of all your documents to quickly find what you’re looking for, even if you have little information to go by.

2. Disaster recovery and security

How do you backup your files? File storage apps store your data securely on the cloud, making it quick and easy to recover your data in the event of theft or a disaster. Security is also easy to handle with a file storage app, most apps now provide two factor authentication for an extra layer of security, as well as the option to control who has access to what documents.

3. Improved collaboration

A file storage app makes it easy for your team to work together on documents. You and someone else can work in conjunction on the same file, most file storage apps also give you the option to add comments, which provides an easy option for leaving feedback.

4. Save money

By using a file storage app in conjunction with a move to paperless, you can save money you would typically spend on paper, printing, physically storing your paper documents, and more.

What features should you look for in a file storage app?

Deciding which file storage app is best for you can be challenging when you don’t know what features you should be looking out for, here’s a rough guide on some key features you may want:

1. Fast sharing and syncing

A key feature in a file storage app is the ability to quickly sync and share your work, documents should be quick to access, and changes should sync as quick as reasonably possible.

2. A mobile, desktop, and web application

On the topic of documents needing to be accessible, an app that provides multiple ways to access your documents is ideal, such as the option to access your documents securely from your mobile phone, desktop computer, and on the web.

3. Strong security features

Security is crucial for any business, check that any apps you consider have options like two factor authentication, a good password recovery system, and the ability to control access to documents.

4. A generous free plan

For a lot of small businesses, a good free plan is crucial. When considering your free options, look at what features they offer on the free plan, how much storage space they give you, and if there’s any limit on the amount of users you can add.

5. Easy team setup

It’s important to be able to easily set up your team to access your documents on the cloud for small businesses. Make sure any file storage apps up for consideration provide the option to set up your team with accounts that have access to your repository.

What is the best file storage app for security?

If security is your top priority, Sync is the best option for your business. Sync uses end to end encryption, keeping your documents on the cloud safe. Sync also provides strong account security controls including two factor authentication, granular user permissions, remote wipes, and more.

What is the best free file storage app for small businesses?

The best free option for a file storage app is the base plan of Google Drive. Google Drive gives you 15GB of free space, which is more than enough for a lot of small businesses. Google Drive also works well with small businesses because it’s  easy to set up and great for collaboration in small teams, as well as providing an easy way to share documents online. 

One caveat to be aware of though is that the 15GB free limit is for your entire Google suite, including the emails stored in Gmail and the photos stored in Google Photos, but even then 15GB goes a long way for businesses.

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