Alex, Job Contractor

Alex uses Locale Central to assign jobs to his team of contractors and log time for invoices.

Key Features

Records details of his jobs and assigns them to team members.
Team members can log time against jobs and update the job status.
Recently updated jobs are shown on the mobile dashboard for easy updating.
Easily exports out his jobs into a CSV file when he needs it.

Their Template Records


Record details of jobs including the client, job site, assigned contractor, status and logged time.

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Record jobs

This template records job details, logged time, and who’s assigned to what work.

Log & export time

Log time and update the job status with the mobile app, then easily export out a job’s details and logged time as a CSV or PDF from your mobile phone or computer.

Built for mobile

The easy to use mobile interface makes it quick to log time and update jobs.

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Click play to see how Alex would create jobs and log time with Locale Central.

See how it's used

When a new job comes in, Alex creates a record of it in the app and assigns it to the right team member.
As the team member works on the job, they update the status of the job and add logged time.
When the job’s done, Alex can export out the logged time and job details as a CSV for invoicing.
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