Ben, Inventory Manager

Ben uses Locale Central to monitor products and stock at his warehouse.

Key Features

Records details of his products and their stock at his warehouse.
Sets the thumbnail for data records to the product’s photo for easy recognition.
Easily searches for and updates products on his phone for a quick stock-take.

Their Template Records


Records details of products stocked including their vendor, retail price, cost price, weight, description stock level.

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Record and manage products

This template records product details and stock for easy inventory management.

Easily data control

Quickly search and review products within the app, or export out your products  into a CSV file.

Built for mobile

The easy to use mobile interface makes it quick to review and update stock levels.

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See how it's used

Click play to see how Ben would create and update his products with Locale Central.

When Ben receives a new product, he records it’s details into the app, and takes a photo of it for easy recognition.
When Ben does inventory for the warehouse, he updates the stock levels with the mobile app.
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