Harvey, Spray Contractor

Harvey uses Locale Central to record spray sites and export spray cards.

Key Features

Records details of his spray sites to produce spray cards.
Quickly searches and selects from a list of pre-configured options.
Simple checklists for his routine spray site checks.
Uses his phone’s GPS coordinates on mobile, or drag and drop a pin marker on the map to quickly set the location.

Their Template Records

Spray Site

Records details of spray sites including location details, how it was applied, routine safety checks, who was notified, and weather conditions.

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Quickly search and select

Quickly search and select options on mobile with our list of pre-configured options and easy searching.

Record data offline

Record data even when you’re offline, which automatically syncs when you reconnect to the internet.

Easy mobile data entry

Record bearing and GPS coordinates from your phone with the press of the button, or drag a pin marker to set the precise location.

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See how it's used

Click play to see how Harvey would record his spray sites with Locale Central.

When Harvey starts a new spray site, he enters the detail into a new record.
When the spray site is finished, he updates the spray site record and exports it as a PDF.
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