Lara, Recruiter

Lara uses Locale Central to manage her candidates and work placements.

Key Features

Records candidates details and their status into the app.
Records work placement details into the app.
Manages and updates the application status of her candidates and jobs.

Their Template Records


Records details of candidates including their contact details, experience, education, references and status.


Records details of jobs, the job’s status and the application status of the candidates who have applied for it.

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Manage your candidates

Record new candidates, manage their details, and update their job seeking status.

Record jobs

Record details of work placements into the app and update jobs as their status changes.

Review candidate data

View your candidates details and job seeking status in an interactive table, add filters to see only what’s important to you.

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See how it's used

Click play to see how Lara would create and update candidates with Locale Central.

When Lara gets a new candidate lead, she enters their details into a new candidate record.
When their job seeking status and job application status changes, she updates the candidate in the app.
When Lara gets a new job opportunity, she records the details into a new job record.
As the status of the job opportunity changes from searching to interviewing to closed, Lara updates the status in the app.
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