Oliver, Backpacker

Oliver uses Locale Central to scrapbook places he has visited.

Key Features

Records details of places he visited, using a photo of the location as the thumbnail on the map.
Uses his phone’s GPS coordinates on mobile, or he drags a pin marker on the map to quickly set the location.
Takes photos straight from the mobile app, or he selects an image from his photo library.

Their Template Records


Records details of locations visited, including when it was visited, comments, and a photo to use as the map’s thumbnail.

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Easy photo taking

Take photos straight from the app, or use a photo from your image library.

Record data offline

Record data even when you’re offline, which automatically syncs when you reconnect to the internet.

Easy mobile data entry

Record bearing and GPS coordinates from your phone with the press of a button, or drag a pin marker to set the precise location.

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See how it's used

Click play to see how Oliver would record locations with Locale Central.

Every time Oliver visits a new location, he records its details in the app.
Oliver takes a photo of the location using the app, which then appears as the thumbnail for the location on the map.
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