Penny, Property Manager

Penny uses Locale Central to manage properties and facilitate inspections.

Key Features

Records details of her managed properties and their tenants.
Facilitates and records inspections with the mobile app.
Captures photos with comments during inspections.
Automatically capture data during inspections like who is conducting the inspection and when it was conducted.

Their Template Records


Records details of managed properties including tenants contact details, it’s status, and reference photos of the property.


Records details of inspections  including identified issues, the reinspection date, and photos with comments.

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Manage properties

This template records property details, tenant details and inspections for easy property management.

Built for mobile

The easy to use mobile interface makes it quick to take property inspection photos and record details.

Easy photo references

Take and record photos with the app with a comment for easy record-keeping of the property’s condition.

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See how it's used

Click play to see how Penny would create and update her properties with Locale Central.

When Penny gets a new property to manage, she records the property and tenant details in Locale Central.
Penny can take photos of the property’s condition and store them against the property for an easy reference.
When Penny conducts an inspection she logs the inspection details with the mobile app and takes photos of any identified issues.
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