Raymond, Real Estate Agent

Raymond uses locale central to keep track of his home leads and sales in his local area.

Key Features

Records details of his leads and their status into the app.
Updates their status as they go from a lead to appraised, on sale, and sold.
Has different filtered views for showing only leads, only sold properties, and more.
All his property and lead details are in one easy place.

Their Template Records


Records details of property leads and the status of the property as it moves from a lead to appraised, on sale, and sold.

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Record property leads

This template records new property leads and their contact details.

Manage property status

Update your property leads as the status of the changes, including capturing their appraisal value, sold value, and sale type.

Review property data

View your property leads in an interactive map or table, and filter what you see to show only property leads, properties on sale, or sold properties.

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See how it’s used

Click play to see how Raymond would create and update his properties with Locale Central.

When he gets a call for a property appraisal he enters their details into a new record.
After Raymond has done the appraisal, he updates the property with it’s appraised value and sets the status to “Appraised”.
When they decide to sell with Raymond, he changes the status to “On Sale” and sets the sale type.
When the property is sold, he sets the status to “Sold” and updates the property with its sold value and sold date.
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