Steven, Health & Safety Manager

Steven uses the app to manage on-site risk assessments and record incidents.

Key Features

Records details of on-site risk assessments and incident reports.
Simple checklists for his routine health & safety checks.
Easily exports out his data into a CSV of PDF file when he needs it.

Their Template Records

Risk Assessment

Records details of on-site risk assessments including routine health & safety checks, identified hazards, and team members.

Incident Report

Records details of incident reports including who was injured, the severity of the injury, and corrective action taken.

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Easy checklists

Easily create your own checklists to perfectly fit your health and safety plan, or use our pre-configured checklist.

Quick export

Export out the data as a CSV or PDF from your mobile phone or desktop computer whenever you need it.

Built for mobile

Your team will enjoy the easy to use interface on mobile, making it easy to complete health and safety checks or report incidents.

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See how it's used

Click play to see how Steven would create new risk assessments in Locale Central.

When starting a working event at a new site, Steven goes through and records a risk assessment with the app.
As part of the risk assessment, Steven goes through a list of checklists and updates when team members started & finished work.
In the event of an incident, Steven logs an incident report with the app, recording details of the incident and action taken.
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