Wendy, Plant Monitor

Wendy uses Locale Central to monitor and record the progression of pest plants.

Key Features

Record and update details for her plant sites.
Uses her phone’s GPS coordinates on mobile, or drag and drop a pin marker on the map to quickly set the location.
Quickly searches a list of pre-configured plant species to use on mobile.
Easily exports out her data into a CSV file when she needs it.

Their Template Records

Plant Site

Records details of plant sites including their plant species, location, radius and density.

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Quickly search and select

Quickly set the right plant species on mobile with our list of pre-configured options and easy searching.

Record data offline

Record data even when you’re offline, which automatically syncs when you reconnect to the internet.

Easy mobile data entry

Record bearing and GPS coordinates from your phone with the press of the button, or drag a pin marker to set the precise location.

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See how it's used

Click play to see how Wendy would record her plant sites with Locale Central.

When Wendy identifies a pest plant, she records the GPS coordinates with her phone, as well as the plant species and other details.
Wendy can duplicate previous records to start with previously recorded data.
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