Creating a node

On Mobile

After opening the app and logging in, you’ll see the types of nodes (data) you can record at the top of the dashboard.

In this example, we can create a new property. Press the orange button to start recording data of that type.

The fields you see on the next screen will look different from this example depending on what kind of data you’re recording, fill out these fields then press “save & close” at the bottom of the mobile form to finish recording your data.

You’ll see the data you just recorded, the “node”, in the dashboard under “recent nodes”, if you’d like to make any changes to the data you recorded you can press on the node to open it again.

On Desktop

First select the organisation you want to record the data for.

Then select the view that you want to record data for.

Then select the plus button in the bottom right of the screen (1) and fields will appear on the left side of the screen for you to fill out (2). The fields that you will see depends on the data you record with the app, when you’re done filling out the fields press “save & close” at the bottom of the form (3)