How do I sign up for an account?

Signing up for an account can only be done on the desktop application.

From the homepage, click the sign up button.

Enter the email address you’d like to use for account (1), then the password you would like to use (2), and then type out your password again (3) then click sign up (4)

You will receive an email with a confirmation code to the email address you signed up with, enter the confirmation code into the field (1) then click “verify account” (2). If you did not receive the code, please wait a few minutes then click “resend code” to send a new code (3).

If you don’t have any organisations set up yet, you’ll first see all the presets (templates) you can use to create your first organisation. To learn more about these different presets, click on a preset to read its details, and take a look at our use cases.

After viewing a presets details, you can click “return to all presets” to return back to all the presets.

After you know what preset you’d like to use, click on the preset then enter the company name into the top right field (1), then select your organisation’s country of operation (2) and click create organisation (3)

Next you will need to select a plan. If you select the free plan, you will not need to enter in your billing details. Click on the plan you would like to start with, you can change your plan later.

If you selected a paid plan, enter in your card’s details on the next screen (1) then select “submit card”.

You’ve now created your first organisation and will see your organisation ready to open in the select screen. Click on your organisation’s name to open your organisation.