How to format time

This action can only be done on the desktop application.

With Locale Central, you can format time to be displayed the way that you want it. Here’s how you edit the time format for a field:

From the desktop app’s dashboard, click the menu icon.

Then in the menu, click “edit type” under the type you want to edit the field for.

In the list of fields, find the field you want to edit the time format and click the pencil icon next to it.

At the bottom of the field options, you’ll see a field called “TIMESTAMP FORMAT”, enter in the format you want the time to appear in there (1), then click “UPDATE FIELD” (2)

Please refer to the table on this page to see how you can format your time the way you want it:

Here are some examples of formatting for the time “3:02PM Sunday 23rd October 1995”

  • “MM/DD/YY” would format the time as 10/23/95
  • “DD.MM.YYYY” would format the time as 23.10.1995
  • “HH:mm” would format the time as 15:02
  • “dddd hh:mm A” would format the time as Sunday 03:02 PM

After you’re done formatting your time, scroll down to the bottom of your type and click “SAVE & CLOSE”